About Us

Hi! We're Winos! All of us, and we hope you are too. We like to enjoy the finer things in life with out being pretentious about it. We're from TEXAS that means we know it is more about hospitality and the people we are with that determines a good time more than anything else.

We started with just winery and brewery tours with a different approach. The tours we had been on had been dry, predictable, and unpersonable. What if your best friend was running the tour and loves it? That would be fun! A friend with knowledge and resources but with no other goal than to just hang out with you and show you a good time.

That's our approach. Since then, we are more of an event company. Basically we think to ourselves "What sounds like fun?" and run with it!

What we want to provide is a unique mini vacation with every one of our events. Unique is the right term to use.

Have you ever been to a vineyard dressed as Superman? What about been on a bus singing with people that were strangers just a few hours earlier?

That's what makes us happy. To see people enjoy their days off and let loose.

We want to create an experience you won't soon forget, and find some new friends along the way.

So shoot us a message or sign up for an event, and live it up!

Eat, Drink, and be Merry!
- The Winos
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