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We'll be heading on a 5 day cruise through Carnival and getting there is now stress free--We'll be picking you up in your hometown! Just sit back and relax to a movie as we head out to the great big ocean and a few sandy beaches. In case you have never been on a cruise before, food, entertainment, gambling, and hours of care free fun in the sun!
Here are a few key reasons to go through us: An amazing 5 day cruise for only $375 Transportation to the port (no money wasted on a flight or gas) Savings on parking (parking is minimum $70) TOTAL stress free vacation Get to know some of your fellow cruise buddies on the way if you choose!

FIRST Meeting Location - Leaving at 07:00 AM (please be 15 minutes early)
Esperanza's Restaurant & Bakery - 122 N Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76110 [map]

SECOND Meeting Location - Leaving at 08:00 AM (please be 15 minutes early)
BuzzBrews - 4154 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75204 [map]

Energy of Event:Relaxed
This event should be very relaxed and easy going. But sometimes when friends get together they can sing and get a bit lively!

Spaces Left:
This event is sold out!

Special Event Details:
  • It is double occupancy, so it is required to reserve 2 spots at a time
  • The cruise is all-inclusive besides alcohol and you will be staying an interior cabin; however, if you would like to purchase a drink package or upgrade your room etc. you may do so once you book
  • Feel free to bring snacks for the trip there!
  • TOTAL stress free vacation
  • You will receive everything you would expect from a cruise and more through us!!

Right now all that is required is the deposit.
Deposit = $150
Price does which does NOT include the port fees and taxes which are an additional $68.79 per person as well as the gratuities which vary with each booking. Even if you did a cruise on your own you would have to pay both of these fees. Deposit is fully refundable by The remaining balance is due
The remaining balance is due two months before the cruise.

The Day of the Event

Checking In:
We're meeting at restaurants that have a nice breakfast and to go food. Please do not leave your cars here. We will be at the bus at least 30 minutes before departure, we'll check you in when you board. Whatever you bring on you must take off.

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Sorry, this event is completely sold out, registration not available

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