Event Details

Visit the stockyard area, the cattle drive, Magnolia Street, and downtown. We'll provide you with an awesome map to get around as well as take you to each spot!

Meeting Location:
The Rustic - 3656 Howell St, Dallas, TX 75204 [map]

Energy of Event:Relaxed
This event should be very relaxed and easy going. But sometimes when friends get together they can sing and get a bit lively!

Spaces Left:
20+ spaces left for this event.

Special Event Details:
- Round-trip transportation to the heart of the city
- We will also provide you with an official "Wino's Guide complete with local discounts
- It is up to you to bring whatever drinks or food that you would like
- We will provide you with a Official Wino Souvenir as well

Price per person = $39

The Day of the Event

Suggested Parking:
The Rustic - 3656 Howell St, Dallas, TX 75204[map]

Checking In:
Please do not head straight to the bus, head into the restaurant and relax. We will swing by the back patio where the hightop tables are about 10 minutes before departure time to make sure we have everyone.

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