Event Details

We'll be heading to three incredible breweries in the area. Food is not included but there is some available on location, or you can bring your own!

Meeting Location:
Cedar Creek Cafe Bar & Grill - 1034 W 20th St, Houston, TX 77008 [map]

Energy of Event:Balanced
This event is a bit lively, but should not be overboard. From our experience some people may sing and express their cheer! If you would be happier with a quieter event, we would recommend that you select "Relaxed" when searching for your event.

Spaces Left:
We only have 12 spaces available! You had better hurry!

Price per person = $89
(Event: $61) + (Tasting Fee: $25)
*The tasting fee covers all locations we visit. Sometimes we have to pay a little more than a public tasting because they need extra staff to accomodate us.

The Day of the Event

Suggested Parking:
1044 W 19th St, Houston, TX 77008[map]

Before the event:
Cedar Creek and their people are really awesome! Get there early and grab a bite and a drink. We will not be eating until later on in the day. They have great food!

Checking In:
Please park in the Specialty Parking Cedar Creek has set for us at the corner of Beall Street and 19th (Entrance is on Beall Street.) Get there a bit early so you can relax and not be rushing around. We will be meeting on the patio (if not raining) at about 15 minutes until we leave then go to the bus as a group! The bus will be parked where the cars are, so may as well leave any larger items in your car until we load!

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • HEY! I have a special occasion! What can we do to make it awesome?
    For groups of 3 or more we can create a website for your group and apply a discounted group price. That way you just send a link to everyone to sign up! You can track who has registered and we can soft reserve spots so that you are guaranteed spaces for the event and we can customize the look to make it more personal.

    All we would need is:
    - Date of the event(look at our event page and find which one you want)
    - Name you would like to give the group
    - Approximate guest count
  • How do I use my voucher from another company?
    We sometimes team up with companies that offer deals on our events. Just go to our event page, find the event you like, select the number of tickets the voucher covers, and enter in the voucher code (usually under the bar code.) Keep in mind you may have to take care of alcohol fees as that can only be purchased through us.
  • When is the last day I can reschedule?
    You must contact us 72 hours before the event. Please understand even if a person does not attend our event, we are still responsible for the expenses of that person to our vendors as that is the cut-off time we give to them.
  • Oh no! I have a voucher or certificate that is going to expire!
    Ack! OK. As long as you register for an event before it expires, that is all that matters to us. So the event could technically be months after the expiration. Our system marks it as used automatically, so it does not matter if it is a later date. Whew.
  • How do I reschedule my event?
    Before the cut-off time, e-mail us and we will keep a credit on file until you find a date that works better. We really want to try to make this easy for you! No need to stress.
  • Rats! An event is sold out! Is there anything that I can do?
    Our events typically sell out a week or more before the date and those that have signed up have already paid for their spots. There is a chance that some may cancel so just shoot us an e-mail and we will get you on the wait list
  • Hey! What is your contact phone number?
    We are committed to keep your customer experience to be top-notch, and have found with our company, e-mail is best so that we can go over information thoroughly and write all the details in print. So just message us, and we will get back to you quick!
  • What happens if the weather is bad?
    We can have events in snow and all sorts of weather. Very rarely, we may have to cancel if the roads have ice. It just is not worth the risk to the safety of everyone. On the event page, there is a section on weather conditions where you will see if the event is good to go. We also send updates to everyone who has registered.
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Do you have some sort of voucher?
If so, please enter the voucher code
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* More than one? Separate the codes with a comma
** Any vouchers from another company never include the tasting fee because of Texas Alcohol Laws
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